Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Culture Hall (Interesting I think)



A curated selection of artwork from Culturehall with text by Cindy Rucker and Brad Silk

The Culture of Curation is a segmented online group show that works to cultivate freedom in its disclosure of linear choice. In this form, it bears witness to its own limitations and lack of fixity. The work featured in the eight segments do not have any sole definition, but are grouped as they suit our thesis within the given context. In creating an online exhibition, we realized its inherent elasticity. When faced with our own decisions about creating a more straightforward show, which we as gallerists do every month, we elected to create eight individual shows and let the viewer choose a path to follow.
While we are still acting as filter, we are able to pass on the freedom of choice to the viewer, with the added element of play. By choosing from the options laid out in the flow chart, a path is created that leads to one of eight exhibitions making up the complete thesis. While proceeding through the flow chart, the ability to step back and make new choices remains, allowing the freedom to move through the chart in reaction to the parameters set by Cindy Rucker and Brad Silk as curators.
Cindy Rucker is a New York-based gallerist and curator. After working for various Chelsea galleries for 6 years, she opened numberthirtyfive gallery in a small storefront on Essex Street in the Lower East Side, whose exhibitions have been featured in The New York Times, Art in America, Time Out New York, New York and ArtReview Magazine to name a few. After five years and a move to a larger space on Attorney Street, she expanded her focus and opened Cindy Rucker Gallery.
Brad Silk works as Assistant Director at Cindy Rucker Gallery in the NYC. He also works as an Independent Curator and has shown with Temporary Gallery, PS122 Gallery, Porter Mill Gallery, Projekt722, and Art Connects NY. This Summer, Silk will be curating and unveiling the permanent collection for Queens Community House of Queens, NY. In addition to curatorial projects, Brad Silk is also a featured writer on The Discerning Brute blog, where he writes about the role of ethics and sustainability in the art world.

About Feature Issues

Every month, we invite a curator to present four Culturehall artists who surround an idea. On occasion we present an issue ourselves.
David Andrew Frey
Founder and Director
Tema Stauffer

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