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Image: Barbara Hammer, On the Road, Big Sur, California, 1975, 2017
Barbara Hammer
Women I Love
Opening: Friday, June 24, 5 – 8pm
June 24 - August 18, 2022
Ratio 3, San Francisco

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Ratio 3 is pleased to present Women I Love, an exhibition of Barbara Hammer’s early photographs and films. The exhibition, like the film after which it is titled, offers an immersive introduction to the distinctive combination of technical experimentation and earnest intimacy that defined Hammer’s singular vision of lesbian identity and authorship in the 1970s. Featuring artworks made while Hammer was living in San Francisco, Women I Love comprises the most extensive presentation of Hammer’s work on the West Coast to date.

Hammer’s black and white photographs appear throughout the exhibition, beginning with a selection of vintage silver gelatin prints made by Hammer herself, and continuing with a suite of recently editioned photographs printed from Hammer’s archived negatives. From self-portraits to candid shots of women—alone and in groups—in various states of repose and reverie, each photograph provides a glimpse into Hammer’s evolving life and work. Whether unflinchingly erotic or deliberately obscured by lens flares and double-exposures, Hammer’s photographs are invariably generous. In many regards, these stylistically varied photographs of the artist and her friends and lovers mark the beginning of the iconoclastic course Hammer would chart through subsequent decades.

While the judicious use of optical effects in her photographs attest to Hammer’s embrace of technical experimentation, her inventive command of her media is most apparent in her moving images captured on 16mm film. A monitor in the second gallery presents two of Hammer’s most iconic short films Dyketactics and Menses (both 1974), in a continuous alternating loop. Accompanied by soundtracks of synthesizers and distorted voices, the films present surreal images of uninhibited women congregating in groups, playfully satirizing womanhood and femininity into scenes that are equally touching and absurd.

Further into the exhibition, another pair of short films, Multiple Orgasm (1976) and Haircut (1978) demonstrate the breadth and continuous growth of Hammer’s filmmaking practice. Despite being made only years apart, these two silent films are strikingly distinct; where one is overtly erotic and composed of densley overlaid color footage, the other documents a quotidian scene in black and white. Together, the films demonstrate Hammer’s consistently inventive approach to experimentation, and the range of visual styles through which she explored and celebrated the nuances of different kinds of intimacy—from the autoerotic to the subtler domestic acts of nurture.

The final gallery features three longer films, screened successively in an hour-long sequence; Women I Love and Superdyke, two of Hammer’s most celebrated films, followed by Superdyke Meets Madame X, a collaboration between Hammer and Max Almy. The films and photographs comprising the exhibition highlight Hammer’s singular ability to recognize and capture the nuances of intimacy and sexuality in lesbian relationships and communities. Hammer’s work of the 1970s was pioneering both in its influence on contemporary filmmaking and in its representation of lesbian love and life.

Barbara Hammer was born in 1939 in Hollywood, CA and died in New York, NY in 2019. Recognized as an influential figure in experimental film, Hammer exhibited extensively throughout her career. Her work has been the subject of film retrospectives at major institutions internationally, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Tate Modern, and the National Gallery of Art in DC. 

This exhibition is accompanied by a brochure with a commissioned essay by Sandra S. Phillips, Curator Emerita of Photography at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Ratio 3 thanks the Estate of Barbara Hammer and Company, New York, for their contributions and collaboration in presenting Women I Love.

145 Elizabeth Street, New York NY 10012
Wed - Sat, 12 - 6pm

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I have two exhibits in June and July. San Francisco and Palm Springs

 I have two exhibits in June and July.

I'm having a show in San Francisco at the
It's a smaller kind of intimate and completely friendly venue.  I'll only be showing 8 or 9 paintings.

Paintings by Kenney Mencher: It's All About the Bears
Lone Star Saloon
1354 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94103
Reception Thursday June 30th from 6-8
Show runs from June 29th to July 27th

Also, if you are in Palm Springs, I have four paintings exhibited in a group show at,
James Bacchi Contemporary
The Shops at 1345
1345 Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262
Hours: Thursday–Monday, 11:00am–5:00pm
415 652 2915

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A brief overview of how pay opportunities for artists don't help and are designed to profit people who say they can help you. My free course.

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My friend artist Brenden Sanborn is having a sale for Pride


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Portrait of a Hipster with a Handlebar Mustache and a Beard (A Sarcastic Bearded Bloke), 12x16 inches oil on canvas panel by Kenney Mencher

I'm a big fan of portrait painting in the vein of John Singer Sargent and Malcom Liepke. Often I find pictures of characters on the web and make quick alla prima portraits of people with cool or interesting faces.

("Alla Prima" Also known as ‘direct painting’, ‘au premier coup’ or occasionally mistakenly as ‘wet-on-wet’, alla prima is a one-layer painting technique in which the painting (usually painted from life) is completed in one sitting or while the paint is still wet.)

I particularly like to paint men and men with facial hair: I like "beardos."

Warning these are the only sites authorized to sell my art:


Sunday, June 5, 2022

Good Cop, Portrait of a Handsome Bearded Bald Man 8x10 inches pencil on cotton paper by Kenney Mencher

Good Cop, Portrait of a Handsome Bearded Bald Man  8x10 inches pencil on cotton paper by Kenney Mencher


This is an original work of art NOT a print

Shipping takes 3-4 Weeks

Warning these are the only sites authorized to represent my art:

Original Drawing of a Homoerotic Subject, Good Cop, Portrait of a Handsome Bald Man  8x10 inches pencil on cotton paper by Kenney Mencher  

Faces and portraits are some of my very favorite things to draw.  Sometimes when I'm making art I actually have to stop making portraits and decide to paint figures with torso views.  Not in this case!  Drawings allow me to indulge in whatever subjects I like without to much time and art materials. In this way I can experiment too.  

Other things I like to explore in my drawings are making marks and shading.  I like for the marks to be the same as my brushwork.  The marks are designed to emphasize the directions of the planes and emphasize the volumes.  The vertical marks in the background serve as a contrast and way of emphasizing the curved volumes of the face and it's features.