Wednesday, October 29, 2014

KQED Halloween Round up: Where the Spooky Things Are


KQED's Halloween Roundup gives you the inside scoop on spooky stuff happening around the Bay!

Stage Fright: the Halloween Season Brings Bloody Fun to Bay Area Theaters
It’s no secret that San Francisco really, really loves Halloween, so it should be no surprise that there’s a ton of chiller theater all over the Bay Area every October.

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Halloween for Wusses: 5 Events that Aren’t Scary (or Slutty)
If being scared doesn’t appeal to you, this Halloween list for spooky story telling, the dark side of folk music and a bawdy cabaret comedy may be your jam.
12 High-Quality Horror Books for Sleepless Nights
For those of us who enjoy the literature of fear, with a soup├žon of the fantastic, there are still lots of great writers out there. Here’s a pocket guide to some first-rate literature with a macabre imagination.
Where the Spooky Things Are: A Tour of Mysterious Places in the Bay Area
The Bay Area is home to many supernatural and metaphysical anomalies. Here are a few locations to begin a tour of the region's spooky side.
Check out frighteningly good recipes from KQED’s Bay Area Bites!
Squishy eyeballs, creepy black spiders, Breadstick bones, severed fingers and more!
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