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Bash Contemporary News

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Chronocrator Show Closes October 5th
featuring the work of
Christopher Ulrich

If you haven't already seen the show, don't miss the opportunity as this may be the last time this series is assembled together in one location. Some of the work will make its way to their new homes in private collections.
Decent Into Limbo
Christopher Ulrich

"Hallow Be Thy Game"
October Show

featuring the work of
Ransom & Mitchell, Stefanie Vega, Danny van Ryswyk and Larissa Kulik

October 9th - November 9th
Artist reception October 11th 6-PM

rm_iwbo 2
it Will Be Ours, Ransom & Mitchell
A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this work will be donated to SaveNature.Org.

Danny van Ryswyk

Larissa Kulik

The Potions Master 10392
Potions Master
Stefanie Vega

Bash Contemporary Artists:
Robert Bowen
Marc Burckhardt
Dave Correia
Graham Curran
Larkin Cypher
Bob Dob
Joshua Harker
Gale Hart
Ian Huebert
Larissa Kulik
Alexandra Manukyan
Nathan Ota

Ransom & Mitchell
Lee Harvey Roswell
David Stoupakis
Christopher Ulrich
Danny van Ryswyk
Stefanie Vega
Sandra Yagi

Joshua Harker at 3D Printshow in London and Paris

Joshua Harker remains at the fore front of 3D printing. His acclaim continues to grow on and international level with appearances, lectures, exhibitions and works of monumental scale being presented in London, Pais, Mexico and the US.

3D Printshow London, November 7th to 9th. "Exhibiting nearly my entire collection including the 1st official showing of my complete bronze tangle series & the premier of my new 5 foot diameter kinetic sculpture "Monochromatic Radiance" made from nearly 2000 separate hand assembled 3D printed pieces." - Josh Harker.
You will have the opportunity to hear Josh speak on: "The Artist in the Tech Era", 11/7 at 11am and "3D Printed Art Versus Design & Product", 11/9 at 2pm.

3D Printshow PARIS, November 15th and 16th.   "Announcing my 1st fashion piece... "Quixotic Divinity" will be debuting on the catwalk at the Carrousel Du Louvre during the 2nd leg of the 3DPrintshow in Paris. I can't show you the piece until the show but watch for next print issue of Dazed & Confused Magazine for sneak peek. Special thanks to EOS for sponsoring the piece." - Josh Harker
Josh will present "The Artist in the Tech Era" on 11/16 at 10:45am.

Learn more

30' Harker Skull at Burning Man 2014
 Josh with Test 2
Josh Harker with model for building & projection tests of 8 foot geodesic skull in San Miguel De Allende, MX for the 2013 La Calaca Festival

Josh is currently working on arrangements with Bart Kresa to create a 30 foot version of this piece at Burning Man 2014

Learn more

Sandra Yagi Gains Global Notoriety

Sandra Yagi's inclusion in the Spanish website Arte Macabro garnered interest from yet another international website. Taringa is an online art magazine that has become one of the largest online communities in both Argentina and Latin America during the last 8 years. Go to the link below to read the full article and see a great collection of images of Sandy's work. Congratulations Sandy, your international fan base is flourishing!

Arte Macabro
Taringa Art Magazine

octoskull hr jpeg
Sandra Yagi 2013

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