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Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

 Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
2013 May/June Special Workshops 

Instructor: Nataliya Tyaglo
Tuesday / May 7 - May 28 (4 weeks) / Studio D
Session 1: 7:30 - 8:30 / Ages 6-17 / $48 (paid in full)
Session 2: 7:30 - 9:00 / Ages 18+ / $96 (paid in full)

Explore basic watercolor techniques and learn to paint landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes! With simple techniques, you will learn to quickly capture skies, clouds, trees, mountains, fields, water, and architecture. A great class to take before summer and travels! (After taking this workshop, with the skills you learn, you may be inspired to take your basic watercolor paint set instead of your camera next time you go on a picnic or go traveling)

Materials: Watercolor paint, Watercolor Paper, small jar for water, 2 watercolor brushes, pencil, eraser, sketch paper. (Materials for the first class for registered students will be provided with an option of purchasing recommended materials for the rest of the course.)
For more info: or call at (415) 972-9637.
Facilitator: Claudia Monroy-Wu
May 16 - June 13 (5 weeks)
Time: 10:30 am- 11:30 am / Studio E
Ages: 15-36 months. Limited to 10 toddlers
Fees: $100 for 5 classes / Drop-in: $25 per toddler
Promotion Fee: $90 for 5 classes (from May - May 16)
Siblings: 25% off per toddler
La Panadería  aka the Bakery Shop is a fun and interactive pretend-play workshop in Spanish. Children will learn what are the areas within a Panadería; as well as what is the process to make sweet Hispanic buns. They will play different roles allowing them the unique opportunity to learn social skills such as communication, problem solving and empathy. The toddlers will be exploring a variety of multi-sensory materials to foster their natural curiosity. At the end of the workshop we'll be going on a field trip to experience a real Panadería with our little ones and their new friends. 
Instructor: Ben Baker
Wednesdays,  May 29 - July 17
Time: 7:00 - 9:00  / MCCLA Theater
Ages:18+ (16+ with permission of instructor)
Price: $100 (paid in full for 8 weeks) 
Drop-in $15 
This workshop will focus on Ensemble Based Training and Devised Theater Method. Training will include Movement for the Stage, Viewpoints Space Awareness, Psycho-Physical Acting, Improvisation, Performance Composition, and Voice for Performance. Emphasis will be placed on developing original performance based on your own personal stories, interests, questions, passions and ideas. Bring your idea for that story you always wanted to tell, let's put it on the stage!

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Landscape Watercolor Exploration
Toddlers Discovering Latin America
Theater Craft
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