Thursday, March 7, 2013

Preview of the Ohlone College Faculty and Staff Show

  (This is the Work We Have so Far) March 18
Drop off for faculty and staff show
11-2 at Art Gallery  (or by appointment)
Monday April 8th 11AM-1PM
Reception in the Art Gallery

Wednesday April 10 11Am-1PM  (or by appointment)
Pickup work from Art Gallery

Questions?  Contact me:

Prof. Kenney Mencher
Department of Art and Art History  Director Louie Meager Art Gallery
Ohlone College, 43600 Mission Blvd.  Fremont, California 94539
Phone: (510) 979-7916

Chen, Chen, Downtown San Diego 22, 24x30, acrylic

  Chen, Sandy On Chestnut%22, 22x16, acrylic,

  Chen, Sandy, Memories of Hana 22, 28x22, acrylic,

  Grant, Maru Paedra

  Grant, Maru en la espera

  Grant, Maru untitled,

  Greenstein, KG, El Invierno, 12x12, mosaic

  Greenstein, KG, El Otono, 12x12, mosaic

  Greenstein, KG, El Verano, 12x12, mosaic

  Greenstein, KG, La Primavera, 12x12, mosaic

  Ha-Helen, Lotus Flower-18x14-Acrylic on canvas

  Ha-helenPinnacle Forest-14x18- Watercolor

  Ha, helen-Palm Trees Hawaii-16x16-Acrylic

  Johnston, Gesssica, Las Naranjas

  Johnston, Gesssica, Martini

  Johnston, Gesssica, Montanna, Winter

  Katie Frank, untitled

  Katie, Frank, Rejected

  Katie, Frank, Help

  Mooney, Gerry, Montana Sunset No. 1.

  Mooney, Gerry, Montana Sunset No.2.

  Mooney, Gerry, Montana Sunset no.3.

  Owen, Denise, Storm King II,

  Owen, Denise, Storm King I,

  Parks, Bill, Alcataz.

  Parks, Bill, Quarry Lakes

  Parks, Bill, window.jugs.

Patki, Shamal, Sunset at an Indian Village, 13x25,

  Patki, Shamal, knitted, hat

  Rahman, Ausaf; Angeethee and Haandi (Hibachi an...

  Rahman, Ausaf; Colored grogg jars, set of 7;
  Rahman, Ausaf; Pandaan (Beetle leaf container)

  Rahman, Ausaf; Tiffin Carrier; 10 in X 15 in;

  Rahman, Ausaf; Worlds in a bowl; 20 in X 6 in;

  Roberts, Tim, Aspects Series Red

  Roberts, Tim, In The Pit

  Roberts, Tim, Music Series Brass

  Roberts, Tim, Music Series Drums

  Roberts, Tim, Music Series Guitar

  Roberts, Tim, Music Series Piano

  Roberts, Tim, Music Series Vocal

  Wakeland, Jeanie,

  Wakeland, Jeanie,

Hello City (triptych oil and spray paint on canvas)  20"x49" inches each panel 20"x16"


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