Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Compare and Contrast: Egypt and China

Write a single sentence that is an interesting thesis then the next person should come along and write another sentence in which they compare and contrast these two items in terms of their iconography, form, and context.

Emilie Yeung QQ -raise hand and try-

Both art are telling a story of the life after death, as One is from the Book of Death from Egypt while the other the Flying Banner from Lady Dai's tome from China.
  • Gretchen Steinwandt Wilburn Both use hierarchic scale to tell you what people of piece are the most important (or the least important). We have five little dudes serving big lady Dai on her dais. The ones that aren't kneeling are at least a head shorter than she is and she is in the middle. We also have four mini wives(?) hanging out on the lotus blossom. None of these people are actually important, except to service the person the piece is venerating. We know this because they are smaller in hierarchic scale.

Emilie Yeung - stroll on -

The word 'balance' are both present in both art work, as the Bi Disk from the Flying Banner held the meaning of balance in China as also gathering in Qi / Yin&Yan, along with the Raven and the Toad on the top of the Flying Banner can be
represent as F/M in China Mythical stories, while in Egypt had the scale in the middle of the art to say weighting out the heart to see one's heart had done good or not.