Friday, October 5, 2012

What are the main qualities of Mannerism?

One of my students sent this question in.

I am having a bit of trouble understanding the concept of mannerism. It here are certain features that help me remember it like the odd looking painting looking painting, other than that I can't differentiate the different types of mannerism there is. Can you please help me? 


  1. The qualities of mannerism paintings are they are basically just odd looking, figures atre long and taffy like(stretched out or elongated)body is irregular, usually big bodies to a little head, and in architecture its very ornamental lots of things that compare to classism such as doubled columns and archs that serve no purpose. these are all characteristics of mannerism stlye art

  2. The main qualities of mannerism is that the paintings are bizarre looking, they have weird anatomy, too much muscle for example, and the anatomy is super human or just wouldn't work in reality. In architecture there are odd parts, for example a structure would have a place for sculptures, it would look like there are suppose to be sculptures there, but there are no sculptures, or something like all the pillars are lined up and spread out proportionately, Romanesque style, but then there are two pillars that are put right next to each other, which is odd, and out of the ordinary, so they call it mannerism which Michelangelo first started to incorporate this new innovative kind of styles into his painting and architecture. In the San Giorgio Maggiore Venice, there is a picture frame on the building, but there is not picture, and no sculpture within the frame, it is just blank, no color, it's only gray like the rest of the building, this is bizarre because why is there a frame, but no picture? Whats the point? This constitutes as mannerism.

  3. I know this is a weird way to remember it, but i use the "S" in mannerism. People in mannerist paintings seem to have twisted bodies in such an "S" shape. Thats just how i differentiate between the human parts of it. Architecture wise, I I had a difficult time also remembering things about mannerism. John & Ashleys responses really helped though! Thanks!

  4. Main qualities of Mannerism, first is the bright unaturalistic lighting, elongated bodies. Also movements and or reactions in a weird "cartoony" manner. as for buildings, mainly what i noticed is that objects such as columns and artifacts have no function to the building. It's like putting make up on a building or art piece, just to sooth the viewers fancy's


  5. I like how Ashley explained it i agree 100%, a way that I see how they painted it was as if they had silly putty you know. When you have silly putty and lets say its the head and you stretch it out thats what mannerism looks like to me.

  6. Laurie Ericson October 8, 2012

    My notes read, "Mannerist: artist knows about classical but tweeks renaissance into Italian Mannerism."


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