Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Discussion and Video: Neoclassical Art


1) What style of painting is this? How is this style a break from past traditions? What kinds of things is this painter borrowing from past styles? Names some of the periods/styles that this artist is referencing. How is detail used as a kind of rhetorical or pursuasive element? How does the iconography of this painting reflect some of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s ideas about society? 

2) Describe how this painters use of classical humanism and classicism in general is a break from earlier uses of classicism during the Renaissance. How does this style incorporate elements from Caravaggio’s and Velasquez’ paintings? 

3) How is this painter using references to classicism in a different way then other artists? How does the iconography of this painting reflect some of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s ideas about society? 

4)Both of these works are based on a treatises by two famous architects. Name both architects who wrote and or republished treatises and discuss these architects influence on these two buildings. Make sure you discuss how this architect has affected both the iconography and form of these structures.

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  1. 2. This takes place during the french revolution and Marat was in charge of the sentence of all the deaths. The elements that David uses is an unfinished loose brush work background. There is also empty space at the top is pushing down at the bottom and there is a diagonal light.

    3) This painting is about showing the precious jewels of life. In this case, the lady on the right is showing off her jewels of necklace and such, while the other lady is showing that her children are her jewels. Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s ideas about society expresses the role of a mother.

    4. Palladio is one of the famous architects that have influenced these two buildings because of his Villa Tunda building with the symmetrical walls and how the Pantheon, with its columns and dome are reused in the two buildings by Thomas Jefferson and Lord Burington.


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