Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm looking for help to get this book published!

Download a sample copy of the book as PDF here:

I'm looking for help to get this book published!

I'm hoping that maybe some of you know an agent or a publisher who might be interested!  Please send this to them if you can.

The book is designed to be a square 8"x8" format.  I envision the book to consist of twenty to twenty five stories and run approximately one hundred or so pages.

I know that they are available on the web but I figured some people like to actually own a book with pictures.  I was thinking that it could be a miniature coffee table kind of book.  Money is not my goal but having it be a souvenir of the total project, blog, paintings, and show at ArtHaus in San Francisco on April 8, 2011. 

I want to send free copies to all the authors!

Thanks for your help!  Please feel free to forward the PDF to people.

See ya,
Kenney Mencher